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electrical fault finding
electrical fault finding

Not sure what the source of your property's electrical issue is? No problem! Family owned and operated since 1996, Sunset Electrical Northwest Inc. has a team of licensed and insured technicians who can help you get to the bottom of the issue.


Whether it's your home or business, our fast and friendly electricians will use troubleshooting as well as electrical fault finding to effortlessly locate the electrical problem and get it repaired on the spot without ripping everything up.

Professional Electrical Fault Finding

Are your struggling to pay your sky-high energy bills? No problem! The team at Sunset Electric Northwest Inc. might be able to help! In addition to locating the source of electrical issues, electrical fault finding can also help with locating power issues that lead to your high electrical bills.


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Save on high energy bills

Whether you need repairs or just regular maintenance, Sunset Electric Northwest Inc. gives you quality work.

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